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Hello, Upper East Siders.
✿ The Upper East Siders Network ✿ :
this is a network for everyone who’s addicted to gossip girl and the new york life. we’ll do promos, make some fab friends, talk about gossip girl, be bitches together, share advice, html help, gain followers, etc. the network page is here.
-mbf both admins: eliphunt & clubloom & satuna
  -only reblogs will be counted
  -must be active
  -must have network badge somewhere on blog if chosen
for a higher chance:
  -tag a post with #uesnetwork (why you want in and a little about yourself)
We will be choosing around 20 blogs when this gets a good amount of notes!
x ✿ Good luck! ✿ xoxo

The Empire State of Mind Network-
Please don’t remove the text <3
Goals of Network:
-To Gain followers
-To help other members w themes, suggestions, followers, etc.
- New friends
-Fun :)
-Preferably modern, posh, urban, or fresh blog
-Must be following
-Must reblog, likes do not count
-Reblog as much as you like :) However, this will not raise your chances
-Must be willing to put the badge on your blog
For a higher chance please tag a post: #empirestateofmindnetwork explaining why you would like to be in the network
There are 15 spots for members- 3 are already taken
Members so far:
Thank you!!xx